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Our non-custodial exchange Alfacash just enabled the trading for Binance Coin (BNB) on the Binance Smart Chain. Now, the users can easily buy and sell BNB against 30+ cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

The steps are simple: go to Alfacash, pick on buy or sell, select BNB (or go here directly) and choose your favorite payment method. That’s it! You can also find a guide here.

What can you do with BNB and BSC?

  • Use Binance Smart Chain to create new Dapps.
  • Access to Dapps in numerous categories. Gambling, DeFi, Games, NFTs, and much more are waiting!
  • Hold to make future profits. BNB is the third coin by market capitalization, and its price increased by over 2,600% in the last year.
  • Pay for goods and services worldwide in at least 458 venues, including Travala, BitTorrent, and Gifto.
  • Buy and sell whenever you want to at Alfacash!

Next for Alfacash

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Cheers from the Alfacash team!


I'm a literature professional in the crypto world since 2016. It doesn't sound very compatible, but I've been learning and teaching about blockchain and cryptos for international portals since then. After hundreds of articles and diverse content about the topic, now you can find me here on Alfacash, working for more decentralization.

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