On Alfacash Store, the users can already buy and sell over 19 cryptocurrencies against euros (EUR). This is the fastest and safest way to trade digital currencies in the European Union, and we’re constantly improving our services. Now, we’re partnering with BCB payments to offer additional options for SEPA transfers.

BCB Group, founded in 2017, is a lead provider on payment processing between cryptos and fiat in Europe. This company is duly regulated in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Additionally, their subsidiary BCB Payments is operating since 2020 with a license from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


Thanks to this alliance, Alfacash Store is now offering SEPA transfers for incoming and outgoing payments with cryptocurrencies. European users can enjoy this trading with only 1.5% fixed fees for both directions. All of this is in a fully non-custodial, regulated, and automatic process.

How does it work?

  • Go to Alfacash Store and log into your account
  • Set the amount to buy or sell, the cryptocurrency, and the payment method (SEPA)
  • Provide a cryptocurrency address under your full control. If you don’t have one yet, we’ve prepared a useful guide for you!
  • If you haven’t verified your account yet, follow the instructions. You can do it in minutes with Sumsub!
  • We’ll provide you with our data for SEPA deposits. Go to your bank and make the transaction as usual.
  • Once we verify the arrival of your funds, we’ll immediately send to your wallet address the cryptocurrencies you ordered. And that’s it!

Next for Alfacash Store

  • Support for international bank cards worldwide (pay-in/pay-out features)
  • Our own card program for 2021
  • Discounts, special programs, and more exciting blog posts and videos on our YouTube channel
  • Find the full list of supported cryptocurrencies here. They include Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Tether ERC-20, and many more.

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Cheers from the Alfacash team!


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