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Halloween is usually terrifying. But we must say that it’s not the case this year for the cryptocurrency world. By October 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) was at $13,700 [CoinMarketCap]. Currently, we have a price of $61,000 per BTC. That’s an awesome increase of over 345%. The total cryptocurrency market cap also increased by over 567%. So, it’s time to celebrate Halloween on crypto!

This 2021, you can celebrate Halloween in different ways inside the crypto world. We’ll present to you three funny and juicy activities to enjoy this ghostly celebration by using some of your cryptos or even gaining some additional coins. Let’s check!

Spooky merchandising

“Boolish” T-Shirt. Source: CryptoGoodies

If you’re looking for something that mixes the Halloween spirit with crypto, then you can find some interesting clothing around. They have T-Shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and more; all of them with “Cryptoween” motives. “Trick or Trade”, “I should have hodled”, “Fiat! Beware!”, “Bankster”, “Boolish”, crypto-pumpkins, and crypto-skeletons are only some examples.

You can buy them now with cryptos in online shops like VitalCryptoCoin, BTCwardrove, CryptoCoolKids, and CryptoGoodies. As for other merch, there also are decorations, candles, costumes, signs, dolls, lamps, posters, and many more spooky trinkets in marketplaces like Overstock and Shopinbit. They accept cryptocurrencies, and you can have a terrific celebration.

Scary NFTs

Of course, Halloween-themed Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are already available for collectors. Pumpkins, ghosts, zombies, skeletons, mummies, vampires, dark CryptoKitties, and all kinds of digital monsters are waiting for new owners in several marketplaces. An iconic collection could be “Spicy Pumpkins”, part of the VinylVerse. The latter is “a series of NFT projects by Vinyl that are designed to interact with each other and co-exist within the [upcoming] CryptoClerks game”.

Some Spicy Pumpkins. Source: OpenSea

This specific project features a series of bodies with pumpkin heads in different costumes, including pop culture references. Every NFT can be acquired on OpenSea, and they’ll be used on CryptoClerks eventually. And talking about OpenSea, another remarkable (and scary) NFT project is residing there as well.  “Deadfellaz” offers 10k undead NFTs, and the owners can participate in events, competitions, and airdrops.

Finally, we can say for sure that it’s not Crypto Halloween without ghosts, even inside the crypto world. There are several NFT projects with this thematic. One of them is “Ethereals”, a series of interdimensional ghosts by the artist Jimmy Danko. All of them are drawn by hand with unique characteristics. “Spookies” is a cuter option, with “8888 mega cute and creative ghost collectibles”.

Some Spookies. Source: OpenSea

Close to the ghosts, we can find skeletons too. “Nah Fungible Bones” offers 10k animated skeletons, while “Skulletal” is a collection of skeletons with different costumes. More monsters? You can find projects like Bored Mummy Waking Up, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, Monster Rehab, Clever Ghouls, and Spooky Bats Society.

Terrific giveaways

Social media is powerful, and the crypto community is very present on Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram. These platforms can be your directory to find some juicy crypto and NFT giveaways this Halloween. There are a lot of them, but we can mention some for you. This way, Guarda, the cryptocurrency wallet, partnered with the NFT project “The Wicked Craniums” to offer a giveaway of exclusive NFTs.

To participate, the users must follow the official accounts of Guarda and Wicked Craniums on Twitter; and leave a comment in the post. Likewise, the mining group Sesterce asked the users for their tricks in cryptocurrency mining. As a treat, they’re offering $100 in BTC until November 5th. For its part, the crypto-news platform BeInCrypto is also offering its own giveaway on Twitter.

There’s a $250 USDT prize pool, that’ll be divided into three winners. In order to win, the participants must follow the official BeInCrypto account, retweet, and tag at least two friends until October 31. Additionally, the influencer Clever Crypto Dogs is also offering a $50 giveaway, payable on cryptos or cash. Follow, retweet and tag friends are also the way to enter the competition.

Shiba Earn has this methodology as well, and it’s offering $1,000 in SHIB. In any case, remember: there are also numerous fake giveaways around. The trick is never to send your funds first. The giveaways are gifts, therefore, you don’t need to give any money in return.  

Halloween for crypto

During the last month, the cryptocurrency market has been outperforming. Bitcoin reached a new All-Time-High (ATH) of almost $67,000 per coin, and it wasn’t alone. Ethereum (ETH) surpassed $4,455 per coin [CoinMarketCap], after a 48% increase in October. Solana (SOL) made it too, with an increase of over 54% and a price of $218 per coin. Axie Infinity (AXS) and Terra (LUNA) joined the list as well.


For its part, Shiba Inu (SHIB) is exploding: not only reached a new ATH ($0.000088 per coin) but also surpassed Dogecoin (DOGE) by market capitalization. Now it’s the ninth cryptocurrency, with a market cap of $35.8 billion. Besides, the team is planning to burn a part of the total supply, which could pump the price even more eventually.

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization has increased by over 36% in October. As the legend says, “Sell In May and Go Away” (until Halloween). This is usually a great month for investments, and it seems that 2021 isn’t different.

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