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The cryptocurrency world is still a male-dominated field, but that doesn’t mean there are no women at all. We’re very close now to International Women’s Day (March 8), so, it’s time to talk a bit about women in crypto. Despite they’ve been minority so far, their contributions have been remarkable —even as retail investors. Besides, we also have several crypto-related projects specially designed for women.

We already saw that important crypto organizations and brands were founded and are led by women —Lighting Labs, BitGive, and MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative are great examples. Now, we can explore some crypto initiatives created by and for women worldwide. From groups and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to podcasts and cryptocurrencies, let’s check them!

 Black Women Blockchain Council

The compliance and risk management expert Olayinka Odeniran founded this Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) back in 2018. The story behind this it’s kind of disappointing. She attended the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami that year. There, only three of 88 speakers were women, and the rest were mainly white men. The subsequent “networking party” was held at a strip club, and that was it for her.

Obviously, the women needed to create some proper space for themselves inside the crypto world. That’s why Odeniran gathered some other black women interested in crypto like her, and finally founded the Black Women Blockchain Council (BWBC). Now, this brand is helping especially black women to embrace the cryptocurrency world, either as investors, developers, or even NFT artists.

To make this possible, they accept donations, offer paid memberships, and have their own store. The funds are used to provide scholarships and prepare new crypto projects for black women worldwide. For example, BWBC partnered with ConsenSys last year to train half a million black women globally to become blockchain developers by 2030. Additionally, they have an education program to train African women as NFT artists.

Women in Blockchain Talks

Founded by the British Lavinia Osbourne in 2019, Women in Blockchain Talks (WiBT) isn’t only a podcast, but also a space to share crypto-related events and campaigns. They publish weekly interviews with women and men inside the cryptocurrency world. But their main goal is to educate women on blockchain worldwide.

Osbourne also launched a campaign to include 50k women into Blockchain by 2023, and she’s working on the female-centric Crypto Kweens NFT Marketplace, coming soon to Rarible. WiBT is constantly preparing events as well. From March to May 2022 there are available six events already, including several workshops for women, NFT minting, a business breakfast in London, and a networking meeting.

Women in Blockchain + Komorebi Collective

Even before the BWBC, Manasi Vora founded the non-profit Women in Blockchain (WiB) back in 2017. Their mission is “focused on increasing diversity in crypto through education & community building”, and “empower women and allies to learn and support each other”. To reach that goal, WiB is constantly launching new educational and networking events through the platform Meetup.

Additionally, Vora partnered with other organizations and experts to create the Komorebi Collective in 2021. This is considered the first crypto fund “focused on investing in exceptional female and non-binary crypto founders”. According to her description:

“Investing in women and non-binary folks isn’t just a necessity, it’s financially sound. Teams with at least one female founder exit faster (…) companies with a female founder performed 63% better than their investments with all-male founding teams. And yet, last year, women-led startups received only 2.3% of venture funding (…) Komorebi plans on addressing both of these issues head-on. We refuse to let broader tech and venture’s shortcomings trickle into crypto.”

Komorebi is already available on the fundraising platform Syndicate. Any woman or non-binary crypto entrepreneur can apply for funding there.

NFT crypto women

We already have all kinds of NFTs collections, from apes and punks to monsters and ghosts. Of course, NFTs about women would also appear. More than that, some of them are dedicated to helping women worldwide through charity donations and other initiatives. A great example is the NFT project World of Women (WoW). This one launched 10,000 unique NFTs in 2021, featuring unique women of all kinds and colors —even green or violet.

World of Women NFTs. Source: OpenSea

Each of these women NFTs had a floor price of 0.07 ETH (around $160 back then), but now the minimum is at 7 ETH ($17,500). Meanwhile, the most expensive WoW is at 10,069 ETH (over $25 million) on OpenSea. Luckily for new potential investors, the brand will release a new WoW collection around summer 2022. In the meantime, WoW allocated 15% of their sales to a fund dedicated to NFT artists, and 7.5% to women-related causes.

Similar projects with similar donation schemes and causes include Women Rise by Maliha Abidi, Boss Beauties by My Social Canvas, Remarkable Women by Rachel Winter, Flower Girls by Varvara Alay, Rebel Society by Frida and Eric Rebel, and Women of Crypto by Amy Matsushima.

Women tokens

Currently, according to CoinMarketCap, there are over 18,000 cryptocurrencies listed to trade worldwide. Among them, of course, we have several women-related tokens —beyond NFTs. One of them is the Women Empowerment Token (WEMP). The team of this BEP20 token describes it like this:

“WEMP’s core focus is empowering, supporting, and educating women globally, via crypto. WEMP not only provides a platform to inspire and encourage women to secure their rightful place in the crypto space, but also wholeheartedly supports women who take on the risk of running their own business.”

Therefore, they offer “automatic rewards” to the holders, and also make monthly donations to female entrepreneurs. Besides, a section for NFTs lets the female artists promote their works through their webpage. Besides this currency and also based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we also have Womentech Association (WTA). This one was designed as a startup fund for businesswomen worldwide.

Finally, we can mention that, according to a poll by CNBC and Momentive, there are still more men than women investing in cryptocurrencies (16% vs. 7%). Likewise, as discovered by the firm Crypto Head, less than 5% of crypto entrepreneurs are female. This is meant to change quickly, though. According to a new study by Bakkt, “women are now outpacing men as first-time purchasers”.

That evidence and all of those crypto projects for women show a nice future for them in the crypto world. Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day with that in mind!

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