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Donating to other people, either for charity or simply to reward a nice job (for example, to artists and content creators) isn’t always easy. Sometimes they’re oceans apart, and the available services are expensive enough for the donor to reconsider. Donations in crypto may be a solution for everyone, though.

Cryptocurrencies are available worldwide, as long as there’s Internet (mostly, anyway). The transaction fees inside these digital networks are usually minimal, and their use is fast, secure, and practical. So, it seems like a smart move to start accepting cryptocurrencies for donations, but surely you have some additional questions.

Advantages of accepting crypto donations

Inside crypto investment, it’s very common to find high-net-worth individuals. And they’re usually more willing to donate than to pay the same amount (or higher) in taxes. In the United States, for example, donors don’t pay capital gains taxes on any property asset (e.g., cryptos) that they donate to a registered nonprofit.


Therefore, the average crypto donation size is high: over $11,000, “nearly 100 times higher than the average online donation across the sector ($128).” Additionally, around 45% of crypto investors donate at least $1,000 every year, against 33% of traditional investors [The Giving Block]. By 2022, crypto users amount to 300 million worldwide, if you were wondering [Triple A]. So, if you’re trying to find contributors, the crypto space is a nice place to look at.

Another valuable factor is cryptocurrencies themselves, of course. They can be quickly (and cheaply) sent globally, everyone can open a wallet and buy or sell in a matter of minutes, and the transactions, secured by strong blockchains, are irreversible once confirmed. They’re also censorship-resistant since most of them are decentralized. Thus, no one (company, government, or individual) can control them.

Some governments have already tried to remove polemical donation campaigns with cryptos, to no avail. Despite that, most cryptocurrencies aren’t anonymous, but transparent. Anyone, anytime, anywhere, can check all the valid transactions through blockchain explorers. The public data include amount, date, hash (unique ID), sender, and receiver. Besides the utility to track the funds, that’s also an opportunity to offer transparency to the donors.


A probable price rise in the near future is a good advantage as well. You can accept crypto donations today, and discover more numbers in dollars tomorrow. They’re changing prices constantly, and that might be beneficial for the recipient.

Who can accept crypto donations?

The short answer is everyone with the right software. That’s a simple crypto wallet available for mobile and/or desktop, or a platform professionally designed for this purpose, with additional features. There might be an identity verification process in all cases, but you don’t need to be a celebrity, a company, a nonprofit, or an organization of any kind to accept crypto donations. Everyone can do it, from everywhere, and with minimal resources.


Are you the owner of a website, YouTube channel, blog, streaming account, Facebook page, personal Instagram, or any type of online service or content? Then you can share the best way to donate in cryptos for your work!

How to accept crypto donations?

You can use an ordinary wallet and share the address with your potential contributors, of course. However, you must consider that not everyone will find it easy or convenient. They can be worried about the possible volatility of that currency, or the lack of attention if something goes wrong. A proper invoice is out of consideration in this case, and that would be necessary for the donors who want to replace its taxes.

The best solution for these issues is a specialized platform like ALFAcoins. Not only you can accept payments here but also prepare a customized link for crypto donations. You can place this link anywhere you want to. After registration, you and your donors will have access to invoices, personal support, and fixed exchange rates.


Besides, a cold storage wallet is available with over 13 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Binance Smart Chain (BNB). With ALFAcoins, issues like volatility, security, and difficulty disappear from this process, leaving behind the benefits only. The platform calculates convenient and real-time rates for all the involved parties and offers useful statistics for the users.

ALFAcoins is available since 2013 as a modern, secure, and multifunctional payment system for cryptocurrencies. It had a full update last year to improve its features and add more coins. So, this is the most practical, easiest, and safest way to accept your crypto donations now. What are you waiting for?

Wanna accept Bitcoin and other tokens in your business or blog? You can do it safely with ALFAcoins! And don’t forget we’re talking about this and a lot of other things on our social media.

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