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Previously, we showed you some entertaining texts about the crypto world. Today, our selection consists of five of the best educational books about Bitcoin and Crypto to buy and learn more on the topic.

Mastering Bitcoin, By Andreas Antonopoulos

At the top of the list, we have one of the most famous books among cryptocurrency scholars. The book we are talking about is Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain, by Andreas Antonopoulos.

Mastering Bitcoin cover /

Mastering Bitcoin is one of the best books to learn about cryptocurrencies. It’s a guide through the Bitcoin world. Therefore, it offers a compilation of the necessary knowledge to help you participate (or not) in the cryptocurrency revolution.

Also, this book is essential reading for anyone curious about Bitcoin, those interested in creating their decentralized application (DApp), or even those investing in a new startup.

The second edition of this text dates from June 2017 and is available in 13 languages. Likewise, the eBook version is about $27 on Amazon, and the paperback is nearly $39.

About the author

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is an author, speaker, educator, and expert in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Of Greek-British nationality, he has been one of the most well-known Bitcoin evangelists in the world of cryptocurrencies since 2011. This author has +600 educational videos on his YouTube channel in English, German, Russian and Spanish.

Also, Antonopoulos has other Crypto books to buy, such as Mastering Ethereum, The Internet of Money (volumes one, two, and three), and Mastering Lightning Network, which he will publish soon.

The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking

The second title on this recap of best Bitcoin books to learn is The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking.  

The Bitcoin Standard /

The Bitcoin Standard is a book published in April 2018 and translated into 25 different languages. Bitcoin Standard looks at the historical context of Bitcoin’s rise, its economic properties, and why it has grown so fast. In addition, it glimpses its economic, political, and social implications.

Moreover, the author raises an economic discussion about the relationship between monetary and civilizational collapses in this book. Following, he explains how cryptocurrency works and its potential as a store of value and a new economic paradigm

Additionally, he explores frequently asked questions around Bitcoin and its impact on the environment, government regulation, and possible applications of blockchain technology. The Bitcoin Standard is another crypto book to buy on Amazon for $18 on ebook and hardcover from $25. 

About the author

Saifedean Ammous is an economist, author, and Professor of Economics at the Adnan Kassar School of Business at the American University of Lebanon. Furthermore, he hosts a Bitcoin-related Podcast. Another title by this author is The Fiat Standard: The Debt Slavery Alternative to Human Civilization, also available on amazon.

A Beginner’s Guide To Bitcoin

A Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin /

The next is one of those books to learn if your main interest is to invest in cryptocurrencies. A Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin covers the difference between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the author assesses whether cryptocurrency is a scam and teaches how to store Bitcoin safely.

Its author is Matthew Kratter, who published this book in January 2021. Thus, it is available on Amazon at $6 a piece in paperback format.

About the author

Matthew Kratter is a professional trader. He has other published titles such as Learn to make money in the stock market, Dividend Investing Made Easy, The Little Black Book of Stock Market Secrets, and Bear Market Trading Strategies, among others.

Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can’t F*ck With

Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can’t F*ck With /

Hard Money You Can’t F*ck WithWhy Bitcoin Will Be the Next Global Reserve Currency, it’s one of the books to learn about bitcoin that came out in 2020. This book explains bitcoin and traces how it will go from being “magic internet money” to becoming the best form of money the world has ever had. Written by Jason Williams, it’s available on Amazon for $60.

About the author

Jason Williams is an American businessman with multiple investments. He has an education in healthcare and health services. Besides, in 2015 he built the world’s first waste-to-energy cryptocurrency mine, powered by discarded light trucks and car tires.

Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain Revolution /

Finally, among the books to learn about bitcoin and blockchain technology,  we find Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Is Changing the World. The authors of this book are Don and Alex Tapscott, who published it in June 2018.

This book presents blockchain, the technology that made Bitcoin possible, as the economy’s future. Likewise, it analyzes the scenarios that will be possible thanks to this technology within a decade and beyond. It’s available on Amazon for $13 in ebook format and $36 in hardcover.

About the authors

Don Tapscott is the author of around 16 books. Likewise, he is a speaker, professor, and co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute. His son, Alex Tapscott, is a writer, speaker, and investor focused on emerging technologies. Furthermore, they have other Crypto books to buy, such as Supply Chain Revolution and Platform Revolution.

These are some crypto books to buy if you want to learn from the basics to the advanced about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But, if you want to expand the topic, don’t forget we have free and high-quality content waiting for you in our Learn category.

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