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In Solana Breakpoint, a conference from November 4 to 7, developers announced great news, including that Google Cloud will index Solana data and become a validator for the network. Among other information, Solana will launch smartphones and decentralized application (DApp) stores by 2023.

Unfortunately, the SOL’s price did not positively follow these announcements.

Google Cloud Node Engine

The Google Cloud service announced that it would help validate this network thanks to the Blockchain Node Engine during the Solana conference.

The Google Cloud Blockchain Node Engine came to light on October 27. Its goal is to offer node hosting for different blockchains. With this project, Google seeks to provide security, reliability, and high performance to various actors of Web3.

It features a low-latency network to scale smoothly, patented digital asset security, and node deployment with real-time data from Google Cloud.

Ethereum was the first blockchain to support this service, and now Solana has joined the project. This feature will allow users to launch a dedicated Solana node in the cloud starting in 2023.

Additionally, Google Cloud will index the data from Solana and pull it into BigQuery. The latter is a data warehouse that will make it easy for Solana developers to access historical network data.

Smartphones and Solana Stores

Developers also indicated that anyone could build their Solana store. To do this, they will rely on GeoNFT. It’s an implementation of NFT, which allows users to geotag an area of their city and claim exclusive rights to open a store in that region. GeoNFT and the Solana stores aim to massify this blockchain and reach local entrepreneurs.

Likewise, they introduced a smartphone that can securely store a wallet’s private keys. Developers will be able to have priority access in 2023, although there has yet to be an official date for its launch.

This latest initiative is reminiscent of the Dash smartphones that hit the market in 2018 in Latin America.

Also, a Solana dApp Store promises to eliminate charges, revenues, and fees by early 2023.

Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko added that the last year has been challenging for this blockchain due to its service’s multiple interruptions. Nevertheless, the co-founder believes future updates will help this blockchain overcome its reliability issues.

However, despite the announcements between Solana and Google, SOL’s move has left much to be desired, and at the time of writing, it records an 11% loss in the last seven days [CoinMarketCap].

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