What happens when the crypto market crash? We make jokes and memes. And what happens when the crypto market pumps? We make jokes and memes too. That’s why we have now lots of funny crypto memes, jokes, and news around.

But not always it’s about the price. Sometimes, a crypto celebrity / entrepreneur/ platform does something truly noteworthy outside the “business things” —whether bad or good. There’s some classic funny stuff from years ago, and still in wide use. However, we also have new stories, updates, and memes as the crypto world keeps going. Do you already know them all? Hardly. Let’s take a fun ride.

It’s Bitcoin Cash!

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) birth in 2017 was quite an event. A real “civil war” started in the ecosystem: Bitcoin mag was very reluctant to make big changes to the protocol; against developers who wanted to increase the block size in the chain to allow faster and cheaper transactions —but also riskier. And who won in the end? Well, we guess that both parties.

Bitcoin és Bitcoin Cash logók. Képernyőképek.
Bitcoin és Bitcoin Cash logók. Képernyőképek.

Our classic Bitcoin (BTC) stayed with the same block size. Meanwhile, some sponsors, including the mining pool ViaBTC and crypto evangelist and entrepreneur Roger Ver, forked the mainnet in August 2017 to create Bitcoin készpénz (BCH) —a cloned blockchain, but with larger blocks.

After that, Ver and his team were almost aggressively promoting Bitcoin Cash as the “real” Bitcoin. The community wasn’t convinced, though. Indeed, BCH is still considered just an altcoin. Back then, it was even popular to refer to this coin as “Bcash”. Something that wasn’t appreciated at all by its promoters, as the Bitcoin.com website explained:

“These people [BCH opponents] refer to Bitcoin Cash as “bcash” on social media in hopes that this nickname will lead to confusion and diminish adoption rates. If your wallet or exchange uses the term “bcash” they are likely referring to Bitcoin Cash; but, it should be noted that “bcash” is not the proper name, nor a commonly used abbreviation of Bitcoin Cash, and is a hostile attempt to confuse users.”

Ver was especially visceral about it. In November 2017, he had a public discussion with John Carvalho, CEO of Synonym (and XotikaTV back then). Both agreed to a meeting in streaming to talk about scalability in Bitcoin. During the call, Carvalho referred to Bitcoin Cash as “Bcash” on multiple occasions. Ver took this as a personal insult, and… the video speaks for itself. Minute 1:58 goes wild.


More about Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was the first Bitcoin mainnet fork (clon) ever done. Accordingly, the ecosystem was shaken to the bone. BCH had a lot of supporters and a lot of haters as well. That was reflected on memes, of course. A lot of them.

Beyond images, some creators even prepared entire parody videos about it. The pinnacle scene from the movie Der Untergang (2004), a German WWII drama focused on Adolf Hitler, has been repeatedly used to do all kinds of jokes. Crypto funny memes about Bitcoin Cash included.

BCH had its All-Time-High (ATH) in December 2017, at around $4,355 [CMC]. The people who bought at those prices (and Hitler, apparently), weren’t happy to see the sharp fall to $400 in January 2018. Currently, BCH sits at $119 per token —a decrease of over 97% from the ATH.

“Anna” (in the video) was right to hold Dogecoin (DOGE) here, though. This memecoin increased by over 26,000% between December 2017 (this parody date) and May 2021 [CMC]. Good for her. Meanwhile, Hitler at least held Ethereum (ETH) too, despite the “CryptoKitties fever” of 2017. Since then, ETH has increased by over 278% per token.


Released in 2016, BitConnect (BCC) was an altcoin focused on loans and passive rewards. It reached a market capitalization of over 2.1 billion by January 2018, and everything went south from there. American authorities started to warn against this platform (in reality, a Ponzi scheme). As a result, the administrators hastened to flee with the money that same January.

The token plummeted, the investors sold in masse, and one of the biggest scams of all time was completed. But hey, at least, they left us a funny crypto meme. During a presentation, Carlos Matos, one of its most popular promoters, started the “¡Hey, hey, hey, Bitconneeeeect!” that would be remembered for posterity. Sometimes, with some little variations, like “Disconeeeeeect!” when a platform turns out to be a failure or a scam.


The crypto bearish market is funny too

Veteran crypto investors are used to adversity. Bitcoin price crashed? Again? Meh. Is there a crypto bloodbath around? Meh. Are the new investors panic selling? What a surprise. Can we still feel pain or not anymore? Sometimes, maybe. But hey! At least we had some laughs, right? We’ll always have some funny crypto memes and videos to cheer us up. Like these ones here from The Matrix (by Bankless), and Hacksaw Ridge (by Lil Bubble):

And by the way, speaking of Lil Bubble, he’s a “Web3 native musician, graphic artist & degenerate moon boy.” He makes awesome musical parodies about the crypto market, like “When Moon”, “Selling back to Tether”, “Liquidated” or the jingle “Please don’t sell”.  They’re perfect to navigate the bearish market —which always comes back.

(Please don’t sell).

Elon and Dogecoin + Shiba

In the case you’ve been living under a rock, Elon Musk is a famous tech entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX. He’s very active on Twitter and, starting some years ago now, he’s been lowkey promoting Dogecoin (DOGE) on this social media.

His tweets were famous to drive up the DOGE price. It was an event so obvious that, in June 2022, a U.S. citizen sued him for, allegedly, promoting the “pyramid scheme” Dogecoin. Of course, Musk denied the accusations. But, indeed, he bought an unknown amount of DOGE, and it’s likely still in his wallet along with Bitcoin and Ethereum. He even was in the show Saturday Night Live (SNL) talking about Dogecoin.

This memecoin, as we mentioned above, exploded in 2021. But it’s not alone. Another, let’s say, so-far-successful doggy token is Shiba Inu (SHIB). The latter was born in August 2020 as another funny crypto meme, and, since then, it’s experienced an amazing increase of over 8.2 million percent [CMC]. As a result, we have lots of copycats. Part of them includes the Floki coins, named after the (real) Shiba Inu puppy owned by Elon Musk.

Craig Wright gets 1£ —crowdfunding it’s needed

Nobody knows who Satoshi Nakamoto actually is. He created Bitcoin (BTC), stayed in its development for a couple of years, and disappeared from the online world. We have some suspects, of course, but nothing concrete. Craig Wright, an Australian businessman and computer scientist, is one of those suspects… but not a very well respected one.

Especially because Wright has claimed to be Satoshi over and over again, but without offering any real proof of it. Therefore, probably most of the crypto community considers him a fraud. Some people haven’t doubted to tell him that publicly, including Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum creator) and Jack Liao (Bitcoin Gold co-founder). The latter invented a popular word for the situation: Faketoshi.

Obviously, Craig doesn’t appreciate being called a fraud. And that’s why he’s been suing everyone in his way who dares to say so since 2019 (we’re not saying it, btw. We’re not saying the contrary either and that should be enough, right?). The community even created an entire webpage for a while to deny his libel accusations with real evidence [StopCraigWright.com].

McCormack’s case

Peter McCormack. Image from his official Twitter account.

One of the unlucky defendants was Peter McCormack, a popular crypto blogger. He responded to a tweet by Calvin Ayre (Craig’s business partner): “Craig Wright is not Satoshi! When do I get sued?” After a whole thread discussing the matter and some videos, he was, indeed, sued for libel in April 2019.

The result of that lawsuit wouldn’t be seen until 2022. To sum it up: Craig claimed that the affirmations of the blogger caused “serious harm” and “damages” to his reputation. The British court concluded that “a person should only be compensated for injury to the reputation they actually possess”, and:

“Each of Publications 1-10 and 12-16 [McCormack’s] caused serious harm to the reputation of Dr Wright. However, because he advanced a deliberately false case and put forward deliberately false evidence until days before trial, he will recover only nominal damages. Accordingly, I shall enter judgment for Dr Wright on the claim in the sum of £1.”

Yes, £1 like $1.18 or around 0.0000553 BTC. The crypto community is now mourning this defeat, so crowdfunding was set up to raise the funds to be paid by McCormack. As the GoFundMe campaign reads:

“The total damages was £1 which is a lot for Peter because he spent his cash on a football team in Division 6 and Bitcoin is not performing well right now. Every little helps, if 100 people were able to contribute £0.01 then we would cover the costs of damages for Peter.”

In case you’re wondering, yes, people sent money to it. Over $200, indeed. Hodlonaut (LNTrustChain creator and another Craig’s defendant) is rising funds for real, though. He was also sued for the same reason, and now he’s asking support (itt) to finish the process favorably.

Random crypto funny memes

We just can’t end this piece thinking about Craig Wright, so we brought some extra crypto memes that explain themselves. Let’s go to the moon!

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